An oasis of peace

Our park is located in places where precious peat had been developing for millions of years. After it was mined in the recent past, a landscape characteristic by its ‘scars’ and holes has remained. We have decided to bring new life into a piece of land surrounded by this beautiful countryside and to start writing a completely new chapter for it. Through patient and love- filled work we have turned a moonscape into a young, green oasis.

In our park you will find interesting types of woods, an herb garden, a young orchard, or a romantic lake surrounded by reeds. You can meditate in the grass next to the hand- painted mandala, or you can feel the connection with earth energies while you walk barefoot on the specially arranged footpath.

The size of the park together with its wide range of free time activities offers everyone the option to choose according to everyone’s own tastes- be it a sport, undisturbed relax, or a romantic picnic.

Our goal is to develop the park further, to bring into it new elements, be it to support healthy activities or exploration of the nature, as well as to create new quiet corners in it. This means that with each new visit you may find something new here.

Walking barefoot

Energy of the Earth

Walking barefoot is literally a relief for feet that are daily imprisoned in shoes and that have to walk on hard surfaces. Take your shoes off and on our footbath dedicated for barefoot walking feel the ancient feeling of freedom and of deep connection with the earth.

 jazierko z mosta

When you walk barefoot on different terrains, you imminently perceive the earth; its temperature, toughness, unevenness, and your body reacts to these stimuli accordingly- the spine evens out, fallen arches readjust, blood circulation improves. You sharpen your senses and refresh your mind.

A touch of your foot with the earth poses a unique natural wellness. And when the footpath is not enough for you, simply continue walking on the soft park grass …

Switch on all your senses and switch off your head.

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